Progress Monitoring Tools

Self-assessments, surveys and other tools to help schools and LEAs move from visioning to transforming.

LEA- & Site-Level Self Assessments

The LEA- & Site-Level Self-Assessment Tools, developed by the State Transformational Assistance Center (S-TAC) for the California Community Schools Partnership Program (CCSPP), are companion tools to the Capacity-Building Strategies: A Developmental Rubric. The tools align with the California Community Schools Framework, its overarching values, and CCSPP statutory requirements, and are intended to guide reflection and action planning across each phase of community school implementation. They are intended for internal use, for your learning and improvement, but can also be used to support annual reporting efforts.

As with the Developmental Rubric, the LEA- & Site-Level Self-Assessment Tools are informed by research-based best practices and incorporate feedback from partners and advisors. Their iterative designs are reflective of field-generated learning and needs and, as such, will undergo subsequent updates and revisions to ensure that it best serves CCSPP grantees. 

Implementation Plan Template

This CCSPP Implementation Plan Template has been created by the State Transformational Assistance Center for Community Schools (S-TAC), in partnership with the California Department of Education (CDE). This template was designed to support Cohort 2 implementation applicants with the requirement of submitting an implementation plan (per site) as part of their Request For Application and to support California Community School Partnership Program (CCSPP) grantees with community school implementation more generally. It should be considered a dynamic document that is periodically updated to reflect the progress and needs of your community schools, legislative updates, and course corrections informed by your continuous improvement and school community engagement processes. The LEA is referenced throughout the template to encourage collaboration between the LEA and sites on the implementation of the CCSPP.